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BMT 2023 November 4 Day-of Logistics

Monday, October 30, 2023

To all coaches and students,

BMT 2023 is coming up on November 4! This email details the day-of tournament logistics for the 2023 Berkeley Math Tournament. Please read this email in its entirety — understanding of these details is crucial to ensuring a smooth experience at the event.

Event Details

Important Information

For any day-of directions, questions or concerns ask a BMT staff member or volunteer wearing a mint green shirt (many will be on the first floor of the Social Sciences Building).

You will be assigned a Power room upon checking in. Do not enter this room until the door is propped open and there is a BMT proctor inside.

Arrival and Check-in

Check-in will happen in Hearst Field Annex A1 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Each organization should send one coach to HFAX A1.

At Check-in, coaches will receive:

  • An envelope for submitting the power round for each team in their organization. Teams will not be able to compete in the power round without this envelope. It is the coaches responsibility to pass the envelopes to the students.

  • A sticker sheet containing name tags for each student with their ID, as well as their room assignments. Students are responsible for remembering their student ID throughout the day. If a student writes an incorrect ID on their test, they may not receive a score.

  • An information packet about the tournament, containing a schedule, map, and other relevant information.

  • A voucher for pre-ordered t-shirts. This voucher can be redeemed at a table near the check-in area.

In order to streamline the process, if your organization is bringing 18 or more students, you will receive a separate email detailing a special check-in procedure for large teams.

Students During Check-in

Students are not allowed in the check-in building. Students may remain in the Hearst Field Annex courtyard while coaches are checking in. Alternatively, below is a list of other recommended meeting places:

  • In front of Wheeler Hall
  • Near Social Sciences Building

If it is raining outside, here are some recommended indoor meeting places:

  • Hallway of Level C or E in Dwinelle Hall (Please do not crowd level D - Cal Mock Trial has the lobby reserved for their event)
  • Social Sciences Building overhang on the eastern side.
  • Social Sciences Hallways


Parking can be found near campus at the following locations:

  • Telegraph-Channing Garage (recommended)
  • Underhill Garage
  • RSF Garage
  • Lower Sproul Garage
  • Ellsworth Garage

If none of these options are available, more parking options are listed at the Berkeley Parking and Transportation website.

Schedule of Events

Time Event Location
8:00 – 9:00 AM Check-In (Coaches Only) Hearst Field Annex (HFAX) A1
9:00 – 10:45 AM Power Round
(Rooms open at 8:45 AM)
Classrooms in Dwinelle Hall and Social Sciences Building to be assigned upon check-in
10:45 AM – 1:00 PM General and Focus Rounds Algebra & Geometry - Dwinelle 109, 130, 179, 182, 183
Algebra & Discrete - Dwinelle 205, 255, 258, 259, 262
Algebra & Calculus - Dwinelle 83, 87
Calculus & Geometry - Dwinelle 263
Calculus & Discrete - Dwinelle 283
Discrete & Geometry - Dwinelle 79, 89
General - Hearst Field Annex A1, Social Sciences 136, 151, 155, 175, 185
If there is no space in any of the rooms for the focus pair you want to take, head to Dwinelle 187
1:00 – 2:00 PM Lunch (not provided)
Problem Disputes (1:00-1:30)
Extra T-Shirt Sales
Problem Disputes (Power, Focus, General) - Social Sciences 185
T-shirt Sales - Hearst Field Annex A1 (while supplies last)
2:15 – 3:45 PM Activities (Optional)
Tiebreakers will be posted on our website and coaches will be emailed.
See activities description
Tiebreakers (by invite only): Social Sciences 175, 185
3:45 – 6:00 PM Guts (Please arrive with your team) Guts room is assigned during check-in.
Students should enter as a team, get a rules sheet from a proctor pair and sit near that proctor pair.
6:00 – 7:00 PM Awards Dwinelle 145 (Organization Names: A-C)
Dwinelle 155 (Organization Names: D-Z )
Overflow: Hearst Field Annex A1

Testing Rooms

Each team will be assigned a room for their Power and Guts rounds during Check-in. Room assignments will be provided on the sticker sheet as well as emailed to all coaches, along with Team and Student IDs.

For Focus and General rounds, students may go to any of the rooms assigned to the test combination they selected. Room assignments for each test combination are listed on the tournament guide.

Students are responsible for finding the rooms that their tests are taking place in. A map is attached in the information packet provided at check-in.


Lunch is not provided for students and coaches during the day. There will be an approximately 90 minute lunch period in the middle of the day for students to get food. Options that are close to campus include the restaurants on the Southern side of Berkeley Campus along Telegraph Avenue (~5 minutes walk) and in Downtown Berkeley (~10 minutes walk)


Parent Activities

Between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM, we will have a parent lounge in Hearst Field Annex A1. However, we will need to use this auditorium for General and Focus rounds during the rest of the day.

During the day, our sponsors and local math groups will be tabling and parents will have an opportunity to learn more about opportunities in math throughout the Bay Area.

Additionally, we will be holding campus tours of UC Berkeley during the day, around 10 AM, 11 AM, and later in the day around 2:15PM. Signups will happen during the day, and will be announced in the parent lounge.

Student Activities

After lunch, we will be hosting student activities. These are optional activities that promote recreational math, and include the following:

  • Estimathon [Hearst Field Annex A1] – A team-based contest that combines trivia, game theory, strategy, and mathematical thinking. Teams of ~3 will be under a time limit to work on a set of 13 Fermi-style problems.

  • Fraudulent Math [Social Sciences 151, 155] – Attention all students, mathematics is under attack by people who claim that we need “rigor” and “logic” to justify our answers. Join us for an event of Fraudulent Math, where we will compete to see who can come up with the most outlandish, mind bending proofs of false statements and who can create impossible constructions.

  • Integration Bee [Dwinelle 182, 183] – Hosted by our Diamond Sponsor blackpenredpen! Compete head to head against the best integrators around! Students will face off in a tournament style bracket, solving difficult integrals involving some clever tricks, to determine who will be the champion of all integrators.

  • Origami [Dwinelle 205, 206] - Do you want to bring home a cute souvenir from BMT? Come make your own origami dodecahedron! We will be offering multiple paper patterns and instructions, and teaching from the basics of modular origami. No prior craft experience is needed!


As we are short on auditorium space this year, the Awards Ceremony will take place simultaneously in Dwinelle 145 and Dwinelle 155. Teams attending Awards Ceremony must attend in the auditorium they are assigned, or else they may not receive their award on time.

The two primary auditoriums, Dwinelle 145 and Dwinelle 155, are reserved for students first. In the event that the auditorium is not able to seat more parents, we will livestream the ceremony to Hearst Field Annex A1 for those who want to attend.

Awards room assignments are as follows:

Dwinelle 145Dwinelle 155Dwinelle 155
AlphaStar AcademyDavidson AcademyOIC Maths Team
AlzebraDHS Math4All ClubPacifica Mathematical Circle
American Canyon High SchoolDougherty Valley High SchoolPalo Alto High School
AoPSDublin Bahubali BoysProbability of Everything
Aragon Math ClubExScoreProof School
Arnold O. Beckman High SchoolFHSPuzzled Penguins
AV Math TeamFoothill High schoolQuarry Lane School
Basis Independent Fremont UpperFROM X TO INFINITYRajagopalan Shivakumar
Basis Independent Silicon ValleyHenry M. Gunn High SchoolRandom Math
BBMCHillsdale High SchoolRSM Bay Area
BCCT MathHome schoolSan Mateo High School
Bellarmine_TeamHomestead High SchoolSanta Clara High School
BIFHopkinsSanta Clara Math Circle
The Bishop's SchoolJohn C Kimball High SchoolSaratoga High School
Branham High SchoolLa Canada High SchoolSeattle Infinity Math Circle
Breaking Maths - GECA 2023Las Vegas Math CircleSierra Canyon School
Canyon Crest AcademyLynbrook High SchoolSrinivas School
Conroe ISDMath EnthusiastsTechnology High School
Crystal Springs Uplands SchoolMath NerdsThe Goofy Goobers
MathTournamentsThe Harker School
Mills High School Math ClubThe Nueva School
Milpitas High SchoolTKA Math Team
Minarets High SchoolTorrey Pines
Mission Possible Teens FoundationVedic Math
Monta Vista High SchoolWilcox High School
Monte Vista Math ClubYouth EUCLID Association
MSJ Math Club

Awards room assignments will also be provided in the sticker sheet.

blackpenredpen Sponsorship Reminder

Reminder that blackpenredpen would like to encourage teams that may either be new to BMT, or have faced certain barriers that limit their exposure and ability to pursue math. This could include financial hardship, lack of educational opportunities, inexperience in competitive environments, etc. Three teams will receive a $300 scholarship based on their responses to the application, which is linked below.

The deadline for the application is November 2nd. We understand it is a pretty quick turnaround, so the questions are pretty brief, and we highly encourage you to apply. Anyone from your team (coach/parent/student) may apply, but only submit one application per team.

The application can be found at this link.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you!

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