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The Berkeley Math Tournament Group hosts and organizes mathematical contests for middle and high school students. In organizing these tournaments, the team strives to encourage mathematical exploration and understanding by introducing concepts not covered in the typical pre-college curricula to students with high mathematical aptitude and interest.

Each contest emphasizes collaboration between team members, while still allowing individuals to prove their own ability. Any individual currently enrolled in a pre-college institute for youth is welcome to compete, and accommodations may be made for teams with demonstrated financial need.

The contests that the Berkeley Math Tournament Group offers are:

  • BmMT: Berkeley mini Math Tournament. Offered in the spring, this "mini" tournament aims to instill an appreciation for mathematics in teams of advanced elementary or middle school students and to prepare them for future mathematical endeavors.

  • BMT: Berkeley Math Tournament. The fall tournament offers teams of high school students the opportunity to share their interest in mathematics with likeminded individuals and to get a taste of the type of concepts studied in higher mathematics.

Our team strives beyond an isolated environment of educational idealism, and is a close-knit community where real impact is promoted by every one of our members. Our values — integrity, teamwork, inclusion, and excellence — structure all the work that we do.

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We are a student group acting independently of the University of California. We take full responsibility for our organization and this web site.